Figure 10d

This is a copy of a page from a promotional brochure for the Artas robot. While there is minimal noticeability of the scars 7 days post-procedure, the photo also reveals how high the grafts have been taken and very close to the border of a balding area that is destined to get larger in most patients as they age (the younger the patient, the more likely that will occur). Hairs transplanted from areas that eventually lose their hair will result in loss of those hairs in the recipient area in which they were placed, as well as donor scar noticeability. This type of harvesting unfortunately is too common when FUE is carried out, whether by hand punch, motorized punch or robotic punch.

Figure 10e

Some FUE operators have referred to FUE harvesting as “minimal excision surgery”! Compare the above intra-operative photos showing a strip wound immediately after surgery in the left upper corner and FUE in the other photos; then decide for yourself which method is more minimal. Note also in the photos on the right hand side, how close an obviously balding area’s border is to areas that were harvested. (The photos on the right are again taken from an Artas Robot promotional brochure.)