Figure 12

(a) Before HT-1 (2534 FU at 30 FU/cm2) in 2009. (b) 3 years after HT-1. (c) Close-up 2012 - 3 years after HT-1. (d) Different view, before HT-1. (e) Different view before HT-1. (f) Three years after HT-1; Before HT-2 (2012) further back on head. Note in Figure 12a: the recipient area included an area that still had persisting hair that I thought would eventually be lost (an "evolving" area). By including that area, one attempts to avoid the need to have to do another session at a later date in that "evolving area" (in order to avoid being left with a bald "alley" lateral to the previously transplanted area - or put differently, avoiding a never ending chase after an enlarging bald area. I have strongly encouraged that approach to hair transplanting; especially in younger patients.