Figure 13

(a) Patient before transplanting. (b) Patient after one FUT session to the frontal area (1947 FU at 30 FU/cm2). This patient was an exceptional candidate because of particularly good hair characteristics—most patients do not get such thick-looking results. Nevertheless, he demonstrates excellent results using what likely is often thought of on the Internet as being too low an FU density.

Figure 22

A schematic drawing demonstrating the various zones of the head, the frontal area (F) running from the hairline zone to a line drawn more or less perpendicularly from the ears to the mid-scalp area (M) from that point back to where the head changes its orientation from more or less parallel to the ground to more or less vertical; the crown or “vertex” area (V) behind that area. Areas labeled FE, ME, and VE are zones that still contain hair but can be anticipated to lose that hair over the patient’s lifetime. These areas are in general best treated at the same time as the more obvious areas are transplanted, in order to avoid a constant chasing of an enlarging bald area.